About Us

Additional Information


To be a Biblically founded community of faith that helps people to discover and pursue God's will for their lives through discipleship.


To charge men and women to come into a relationship with Christ through teaching the Word and personal evangelism.

To honor Christ by our life choices daily.

To operate in a spirit of love, grace and truth.

To invest in the lives of others in order to enhance their holistic development.

To challenge lives through the teaching of the infallible, inerrant word of God.

To encourage and edify the body of Christ through discipleship by choice.

Our Philosophy of Ministry

We have determined that God has called us to be a church that moves people from a state of knowing of Christ to knowing, following, growing in, serving, and multiplying for Christ by choosing to disciple others to do the same.

We believe this is best achieved by choosing to adhere to the model that Christ used because we acknowledge Christ as the ultimate teacher, evangelist, disciple-maker and mentor.  His way of doing ministry is The Standard.

We have determined that our mission can only be achieved in an environment where generosity, grace, love and truth is not only spoken about but lived out in our daily lifestyle.

We are determined to be Christians Honoring Our Infallible Christ Everyday.

We have made a deliberate choice to live out Matthew 22:37 and 39 in every area of our lives.

37 Jesus said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’  38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’

Our Motto

Loving God, Loving Self, Loving Others

We are commissioned to call others to come and follow Christ, come and be changed by Christ, and to come and be used by Christ.

We are a church designed to help people to discover God's will for their lives, and to help them to take the next steps needed for them to go and live out His will and purpose in their homes, on the job, and in their communities.

We are a church that believes that we can only reach our community if we enlist, equip, empower and engage its members.

We are a church that welcomes everyone and believe that everyone can be transformed by God's love and the power of His word.

Our Philosophy of Fellowship

Choice - People Choosing to Partner together

Partner - We believe the church should partner with other agencies in the community as a way to demonstrate God's love through practical service.

Relationship -People who want to Play together.

Play - We believe relationship is integral to worship and living out the Great Commission, so we plan activities to encourage social interaction to build meaningful relationships. These activities help us to fulfill our vision to enlist others to come and follow Christ. (Food, fun, fellowship).

Obedience -People who want to Pursue together

Pursue - we will have small groups that focus on Spiritual gifts, discipleship, and obeying the Great Commission. These groups fulfill our vision to equip people so that they will discover their gifts and live out God's will for their lives.

Spirituality -People who want to Pray together

Pray - we make prayer a priority by setting aside time for prayer and instituting a prayer and intercessory team. This is designed to empower the body of Christ by creating an opportunity for people to learn more about prayer and encourage the practice of having a personal time of prayer outside of church.

Strategy -People who want to Plan together

Plan - we will create opportunities for leadership development, mentoring and stewardship. We believe everyone should have a vision and a plan of how to get there. We envision that this will help us to engage the community by encouraging the socio-economic development of its members from a biblical perspective.

Our Prayer

Our daily prayer is, Jesus to you we yield our head, heart, and hands as instruments of honor, grace and truth, so that praise and glory will be given to your name.  Use us as tools to advance your Kingdom by allowing us to find favor with You firstly and then with the right people. Bring us into the right relationships, with the right people, at the right time. Please include us into the mighty move that you are about to do in our community by starting the transformation in us. Grant us the wisdom, strength and creativity needed for us to be a Jesus gathering that impacts our community and world, and grows exponentially for many generations to come.